The independent designer Anna Yang was born to a family of tailors. When she was just 8 years old, she began to browse around her parents and thus learned from them the art of clothes making. After studying fashion design at University, she converted her passion into reality with the launch, in 2012, of her fashion house – ANNAKIKI.

ANNAKIKI advocates uniqueness, rebellion and innovation with an independent attitude.

For Anna Yang, the creation process must be conceived in a very self-conscious and peculiar way. Inspiration can be anywhere. The idea of “follow your inner self” converts creative ideas into garments that are an explosion of colours and shapes combined with constrasting textures and fabrics.

The crossover collections of 2014 with Disney “Believe in Love” and “Lips” with furthered the development of the brand. Following the presentation during London and Paris Fashion Weeks, ANNAKIKI is now a regular presence in Milan Fashion Week after showcasing “Unsolved Mysteries”, her first Italian Fashion Show in 2017.