ANNAKIKI is ready to launch a whole new brand image.

The inspiration of the whole new ANNAKIKI font came from Neo-Grotesque, presented with an asymmetrical style, simple font and low contrast.
The “N” with the mirror effect is the new definition for the whole new ANNAKIKI,
“Peculiar vs Classic, Fashion vs Technology, Present vs Future”
“The mirror has two faces”
The identity of the new font emphasis the presence of each and every single letter representing the freedom and the possibilities that the brand can generate.
The details, with the hint of balance, are the key points reflecting the uniqueness of the brand.

When Fashion crosses paths with technology,
it is simply like a two-faced mirror.
Starting now, ANNAKIKI will keep communicating with the language of reverse thinking and anti-traditional, as well as the surreal feeling of the future and technology, thinking outside the box, creating the unique feminine image and embracing the multiple possibilities of fashion design to push back all design boundaries.